Combining innovative technology, member experience and financial wellness.


PayverisCU is a Credit Union Service Organization focused on leveraging Payveris' MoveMoneySM Platform to build innovative digital member experiences focusing on removing the friction in money movement, money management, and financial wellness. PayverisCU is committed to the unique member-centric focus of credit unions, combining intelligent digital payments technology with a simplified intuitive member experience that delivers better financial wellness for everyone.

PayverisCU is jointly owned by Payveris LLC and its credit union investor-members and operates as a division of Payveris.


Learn how The MoveMoneySM Platform will help your credit union enable better financial wellness for your members.


Catch up on the latest industry trends with Payveris whitepapers featuring innovative thought leadership in the digital payments space.

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Experience the impressive speed, power and flexibility of The MoveMoneySM Platform.

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